Marketing Research
Consumer Behaviour
Product Management
Services Marketing
Retail Marketing
Money and Capital Market
Merchant Banking and Financial Services
Project Finance
Equity Research & Portfolio Management
Financial Risk Management
SME Finance for Bankers
Retail Banking
International Banking
Corporate Banking
Risk Management in Banks
ERP and e-Business
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Software Project Management
Data warehousing and data mining
Training and Development
Emotional Intelligence
Leadership and Change Management
Organization Development
Compensation Management
Warehousing and Distribution Facilities Management
Materials and Inventory Management
International Logistics & Global SCM
Principles of Insurance
Practice of Life Insurance
Practice of General Insurance
Regulation of Insurance Business
Health Insurance
Hospital Supportive Services and Facilities Management
Health Communication Planning and Management
Hospitality Management
Facilities and Design Management
Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Fundamentals of Tourism and Tourism Products