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It is a unique course, B.Sc. Food Science and Management, which is an amalgamation of food, nutrition, processing, preservation and management. The course has been designed for students who are interested in acquiring expertise in food science, processing and entrepreneurship.

Food Science course encourages the students to conduct research projects, develop new products and also supports the students to present papers at various research platforms based on Food science and Processing (National, International).

The aim of the course is to take a multidisciplinary approach by integrating advances in food science and food processing in order to introduce students to the main principles of science and processing management and their implementation in the food industry. The course covers the basic principles and practices of the major techniques used in food processing and preservation along with critical issues in food regulations and Nutrition.

Program  Outcomes:

  1. Will have developed an understanding of the principles, practices and recent advancements in food preservation and in food processing techniques.
  2. Will have developed a comprehensive understanding of the properties and relationships (chemical/ physical) of major food constituents and of   the biohazards that are important in food processing with regard to product quality in the food industry.
  3. Will have developed a comprehensive understanding of the nutritional properties of food constituents.
  4. Will have developed a comprehensive understanding and critical awareness of the principles and importance of cleaning and sanitation in food process operations.
  5. Will be able to recognize the impact of water and waste management in the Food Industry and become familiar with laws and regulations and costs regarding water and waste management.
  6. Will have developed self-learning and practical proficiency and team work in food processing techniques to specific commodities and industrial plant unit operations.
  7. Will be able to discuss and justify the ethical considerations in food production, processing and marketing in relation to the consumer.
  8. Will be able to communicate current issues and trends in the food industry and appreciate the dynamics and continued evolution of the Food Industry.
  9. Will have an in depth understanding of the principles underlying the food processing methods and technologies used.
  10. Will have a comprehensive understanding of the aspects required to be controlled during food processing.
  11. Will have developed an increased awareness of emerging technologies for processing, packaging and preservation of foods and beverages and its relevance to the future food industry.
  12. Will have the necessary technical knowledge, skills and attitudes required to successfully contribute to solving problems related to food safety during food processing.
  13. Will be able to apply scientific principles in solving food processing problems and improving product quality and safety.
  14. Will be able to know and implement good manufacturing practices.
  15. Will have developed long-life learning skills, and communication skills.

Eligibility: Any stream  

Career Opportunities:

  • Food Entrepreneurs
  • Quality Control officer/Quality Controller
  • Product Development
  • Nutritionist
  • Dietician
  • Flavor Analyst
  • Food Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Diet counselor
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Food Technologist